Health & Holism in the 21st Century


By Théun Mares (Printed Version in English)

Health and Food self-sufficiency – a practical guide.


A great many of us feel helpless and powerless to change our world circumstances. Although all of us need money, for example, money in itself is not what makes us powerful or powerless.


Today nearly everyone believes that if you have enough money you are powerful, or at least, can be powerful. It is true that money helps, but a lack of money in itself is not what disempowers us.


If we look closely at the world we live in, we see two major areas in which we have become almost completely disempowered; namely, food and health.


We can be the richest people in the world, but if there is no food to be bought, we would still starve to death. And of what use is all your money if you are suffering from ill health, or even a terminal illness that allopathic medicine cannot heal?


Worse still, even though there is at the current time still enough food to be bought, and there is an abundance of allopathic doctors, why are people generally feeling less and less healthy, and why are their mindsets deteriorating into ever more negativity?


In this book we are going to have a detailed look at these two major areas; food and health, in detail, and we are going to learn in a practical way what we can do about becoming much more self-sufficient with respect to these two vital aspects of our lives

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